Thursday, February 21, 2008

ALLLLLLLLLLLmost Friday :)

Somehow I managed to survive yet another week of my life. Don't ask me how I did it..haha.

I'm going to be running a 10k on Saturday. Hopefully the weather holds up. It will be my first 10 k ever.....maybe I'll do my first 5k after that. Funny how I started at the half marathon distance eh? haha.

Going swimming tomorrow.....teaching my friend how to swim that wants to do tri's with me this summer. Aughta be interesting...she said she doesn't put her head under the water. It's a good thing I coached and taught swimming for 8 years. One catch....I haven't really swam since I got 6 screws drilled in my shoulder about a year and a half ago. This should be really interesting to watch....a rusty one armed fish teach someone whos scared to put their head under water. You want some free entertainment...head over to the Chatham County Aquatics Center. Which brings me to my next point....found out we have this HUGE amazing aquatics center here in town and if you are a student its $3 to go! WHY DIDNT I KNOW OF THIS BEFORE?!? CHeck out the pics!!

Also getting my bike fixed this weekend. Somehow I got a flat....noooooooo idea. Could be that im stupid and don't know how to work the presta valves. Either way...the nice folks at the bike shop will hook me up and I'll be on wheels again :O) Other than that....took care of a patient that fell through a glass curio cabinet. Completely slit her wrist in half..when the surgeon took the stitches out (that the stupid ER docs put in) they pulled out a glas s piece larger than a quarter....eeeek! I eagerly watched as the surgeon diligently repaired 5 tendons and ligaments and numerous nerves in this poor girls hand. careful! Glad when I tripped over that chain fence that there wasn't a glass curio cabinet sitting there!!! :) Happy Weekend ya'll!


Meg said...

Good luck in your swimming/10K over the next few days!

RunnerGirl said...

Wow, that center looks nice. Good luck with swimming lessons!

TrainingtoTri said...

Wow that pool looks so nice! Have fun teaching your friend. Do you get to Cleveland very often, still have family here?

Anonymous said...

Hi Baby,
You write such a beautiful blog. I'm so proud of you. I love the aquatics center. I can't wait to get down there & see you & Trav.

Brian said...

wow. that center is awesome. that should inspire her and you to swim more.

have fun on the 10k

bill carter said...

Hi Christine

You are going to love the 10k. It is a nice distance because you get to go fast, yet it is not so long that you think to yourself "is this ever going to end??". Pacing will still be important and you don't want to go out to fast.. but run how you feel and you will be just fine.

Best of luck:-)

DaisyDuc said...

Sweet place!!!

Best of luck with your 10K!

jahowie said...

When you're done with her, could you come and show me a thing or two? :-)

Marcy said...

GOOD LUCK!! I'm sure you'll do fabulous though :-)

Viv said...

Good luck with your 1st 10K! That is great a 1/2 before a 10K,I always wondered if there was a order we were supposed to follow..LOL!
That pool looks fantastic! Have fun :-)

Benson said...

Wow, that is one nice aquatic center you got there. Start slow and build up that shoulder.
That 10K will go by fast for you. good luck.

jkrunning said...

Very nice. Sounds like you really have to go now!

Brian said...

I just tagged you. It's a pain, but I hope you do it anyway!

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IronGambit said...

swimming is soo hard for me! But it's ok, I'll make it up on the bike ;)

RunBubbaRun said...

I think that aqua center is the size of a football field. So jealous..

Good luck with your 10k.

Laura said...

Pool looks absolutely awesome - I'm really jealous.