Wednesday, June 3, 2009


It seems as if you guys are lovin the baby names I'm heres the list for today...

Carson (my favorite name..however is becoming WAYYYY too popular)
Arabella (and they couldnt think of a middle I said to name her after me...Arabella Christine...sounds good right?)

So far so good..but boy do women freak out when people stick needs in their back. We tell them to stick their back out like a mad cat....but then they get all mad and start squirming around and crying. I'm thinking 2 minutes of having a needle in the back can't be half as bad as hours of labor and squeezing a watermelon out your yahoo! But what am I to know?! And all the pregger women seem SHOCKED that I haven't had a baby yet. Not because I look old..but I think they figure if we are sticking needles in their pregnant heiny..that it was a prerequisite to have one done ourselves. And they also don't realize that while they are freaking out and carrying definitely doesn't make me want to get preggers anytime soon.

Ran 2 days in a row...only 2-3 miles...I was getting a little melted and figured I'd head back to my Hood Room Inn before I ended up melted on the sidewalk. Tryin to figure out the rest of my race schedule after this board exam...find out about NYC marathon on Thursday !!!! whooo hooo!!! Also supposed to find out about a job I really really really want today...(didnt get any sleep last night thinking about it).


Anonymous said...

I like the name Sydney! Sounds like you are working hard. Way to get in runs 2 days in a row. Any mileage is good for the mind. Hope you hear good news about the job and NY.

Carolina John said...

haha, yea we def talked to the anesthesiologist more than anyone else in the operating room when we had our kids (both by c-section). Our kids are Ella Marie and Lena Riley. Riley is getting to be popular now too.

Jess said...

Arabella, I like that! Sounds like a princess name. By the time you're done with this OB round, you'll have a firm sense of what you want to name your own kids!

J said...

Hope you get the job you want! Those baby names are mom once had a kid in her class(she was a teacher) that was named james James! Crazy!