Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The sequel

Well...I'm sure everyone was wondering "Did she get up and run 13.1?" The answer is no...I didnt. BUT!!! Some of my running buddies planned my own special "princess run" in our home town. I was excited I would actually get to wear my tutu after all!! A lot of hard work went into making it and I decided that I need to have a girl someday because i can make a mean tutu!! So I pried my sorry butt off the couch and got my game face on....and tutu of course!

So I showed up to the "race" and sure enough everyone dressed up!!

How fun!! They even made me a castle trophy and a princess wand. So off we went down the biggest road in our town.....little tutu bouncing butts down the main drag! We got some honks...lots of smiles...and then quite a few people who acted like we didnt exist?!? How could you not acknowledge a bunch of bouncing tutu butts?

I felt great the whole run and was running way out in front of everyone. I kept stopping to let them catch up so I could join the conversation and after all......I was the reason they were running down lake road in a tutu...I should at least participate WITH them. I had no doubts that I coulda rocked the half marathon in Orlando..and probably in cleveland for that matter. But I decided to finish with everyone else because we needed to do this...

Celebratory drink!! yes please!! In the public library parking lot none the less. Now who could ignore a bunch of girls in tutus drinking alcohol in the library parking lot??

It was super fun and we decided to make it an annual event..(someone said monthly..but i think thats too often). I learned a lot....and support of great friends really does take the sting away from a big boo boo. I had outpouring love from friends on facebook, home, and obviously my fellow princesses. Sometimes these things happen for a reason...just to show you how many people truly do care!


Nobel4Lit said...

Yay! So glad this story has a happy ending!

Jess said...

Too bad you had to miss the race (especially since it's so expensive!), but this sounds like an excellent way to make it up!

Laura said...

You have the best friends :)

Read/Write/Run said...

Glad to see you having so much fun. I like the tutu concept too-too. This is how traditionals start. Good for you and your friends! The beer is a nice reward also.