Friday, February 4, 2011


Heres a quick sample of what we did for Carson's invites...I blanked out our address because we dont appreciate un-announced internet visitors :)
He really went to town! I'm a little scared for his love of cake at 10.5 months old. Not a good thing!!

I have a long run tomorrow...did a little 2.5 miler today. Its been super cold/icy/windy/slushy/miserable here lately. I'm sure you've all heard (wah..wah...wah...). Its scary to think I started this blog in Georgia and somehow ended up in the depths of freezing hell (Ohio). But I guess I try to make the best of it...ive contemplated painting a beach mural in front of my treadmill in the basement! haha. Happy Friday ya'll!


Jess said...

Cute invites!

I think all kids have a natural sweet tooth.

Chloe said...

Those are sweet! And who does not like cake ;)

Laura said...

What a great invite! Though my stalker side is now sad I can't come visit :)