Tuesday, May 13, 2008

what to do?

What to do when your life is soooooooooooooo boring that you literally have nothing to blog about. PATHETIC! I wish I could make up something cool like while on my open water training swim yesterday I had to run from a sting ray that was trying to attack me....or during my cycling sesh I got the opportunity to race a motorcycle....and WIN!! But no.....sadly yesterday consisted of leaving the door at 5:30 AM.....and returning home from school at 8 PM.....PM PEOPLE!

On the flip side...I got to deliver anesthesia for my first craniotomy yesterday (brain surgery). Thats pretty cool? Umm...been running still...and cycling...not swimming so much though. I just can't get myself to go to the pool anymore. Not sure what my problem is. So yeah...nothing cool to report here. I'm a school slave. It sucks. Shoot me now.


Anonymous said...

Lame. Well then I obviously shouldn't ask if I can add you to my blogroll. It'd take away my cool points by just even being on there.


I've stumbled across your blog a couple times.. and I love it! I love reading about your training. I'm a distance runner myself.. and I used to swim competitively for 4 years.. so a triathlon is possibly in my future! I just gotta get that biking efficiency down.

Anyways, I'm adding you to my list whether you got stung by a sting ray or not. And hey.. giving anesthesia for the first time - way cool!

Marcy said...

Don't worry chica, you're not alone ;-)

Viv said...

Blogging about a crainatomy (however you spell it)is cool. I want pics next time...hahaha!

I can't get in the pool either, unlike you I never have. I wish there were underwater speakers or sumfin to get me pumped.

Brian said...

save some of those good drugs for me after cleveland on sunday.

I'm married with kids. Trust me my life isn't much more exciting.

Anonymous said...

Your life isn't boring! I think your school work sounds very interesting and exciting. Way to keep up with running and biking, maybe once school slows down you will want to add swimming into the mix.

GOOD LUCK this weekend. enjoy all the festivities.

rinus said...

Thats boring ;-).
Groet Rinus.

The Laminator said...

anesthesiology is cool, so whatever procedure you do is interesting in my book. Just make sure you write it in there neatly =)

Danielle Runs said...


well at least you're a good writer, to make nothing, sound exciting :)

i love you and wish i was going to the big C with you!

gooooood luck... you will kick some major booty.

triguyjt said...

for all that you are doing...school...medicine..training...and a million other things...its okay to have that feeling that motivation is tricky...

go easy on us in cleveland christine....haha

bill carter said...

Hi Christine

I certainly remember the whole slave to school thing. It makes it really hard to find the time to do almost anything else and is truly a big sacrifice.

Love that convertible and realize that school now is a means to an end and will pay off with better and better convertibles... among other things:-)

Kate said...

Hey I am new to your blog and love reading about your (non-boring) adventures! Just wondering what kind of graduate degree you are getting in anesthesia, or are you in med school? Good luck with everything!!